Terms & Conditions

School Year
| Semester | Vacation

The school year of the Musikschule Horgen follows the public school system of Horgen. One school year is divided into two semesters; the fall semester commences after the summer break (August) and concludes in February, when the sports vacation starts. The spring semester begins after the sports vacation (February) and ends in July, when the summer break starts.

The Musikschule Horgen has the same school breaks and public holidays as the public schools in the community. However, no music lessons are being held during the first week following the summer break (scheduling week).

Registration | Cancellation | Admissions & Withdrawals

The formal registration/cancellation process has to be completed no later than the following deadlines:

  • Fall semester: By May 31st
  • Spring semester: By November 30th

Without a written notice of withdrawal (email: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein.) within these deadlines, the enrolment as well as the payment obligation gets automatically renewed for another semester.

Lesson scheduling

In order for our teachers to be able to schedule their lessons, students are required to provide them with set time frames (for several days and times of the day) during which they are available. Naturally, lessons may also be scheduled on school-free afternoons.

Practice at home

Practice is essential in order to make progress in playing an instrument. When enrolling at our school, the student commits himself/herself to practicing their instrument regularly, both during the lessons and at home.

Missed lessons

Any music lesson missed due to:

  • illness
  • vacation or a public holiday
  • school events, class projects (cantonal, public and private schools)
  • rescheduling issues

or any other reasons for the student’s absence will not be compensated.

Lessons missed due to the absence of the music teacher will be either made up for or refunded (in case of illness after two consecutive lessons).

Refund of tuition fees

In the following cases, the tuition fees will neither be refunded nor credited:

  • withdrawals occurring during the semester
  • cancellations which are not duly authorized (administration needs to be notified in written form)
  • cancellations due to disciplinary action
  • missed lessons due to the student’s absence

In case of cancellations on account of force majeure and/or official orders, there is no claim for reimbursement of the tuition fees.

In the case of a student's illness or accident, the refund or credit will be granted upon handing in a written request which must be accompanied by a doctor’s notice (dated and signed, including an estimated period of absence).

Legally binding are the complete German versions of the “Terms & Conditions” (Schulordnung) and “Fees” (Tarife) of the Musikschule Horgen.